A Unique temple of Shanidev, where corrupt leaders and ministers are not allowed to visit

There are many temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches in India, where everyone can go. There are some restrictions at some places, such as there is restriction on the entry of men somewhere and somewhere on the entry of women. But there is no restriction on entry on the standards of rank. But today we are going to tell you about a temple where the entry of corrupt leaders, ministers and officials is forbidden.

There is a unique temple of Shani Dev situated behind Kanpur University of Uttar Pradesh, whose gates are always open to the devotees, but corrupt leaders and officials are not allowed at all. The name of this temple is भ्रष्ट तंत्र विनाशक शनि मंदिर Which means, The corrupt system destroyer Shani Mandir.

The temple is built on private land and the idols have been established on the basis of some spiritual arguments. An idol of Brahma has been installed along with three idols of Shani Dev, it appears that Brahma is directly looking at Shani Dev. Along with these statues, a statue of Lord Hanuman has also been kept.

The most interesting thing is that the pictures of some officials, ministers and leaders in the temple have been put in such a way that the eyes of Shani Dev should be kept on them. People believe that the motive behind this is that in the event of taking any anti-public decisions by these people who are responsible for running the system smoothly in the society, Lord Shani Dev will punish them immediately.

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