A Car Showroom gave Job to a Doggie

In these tough times of Pandemic Corona, many people are losing their jobs and many already lost their’s. But in a strange event, a car show room has given job to a dog. Yes you heard it right, and if you have any doubt just have a close look of employee badge of the this lucky doggo.

The owner and employes of a Hyundai car showroom, showing their kind heartness, hired a dog, and now this lucky dog lives and eats in the showroom.

You can see Employee I Card badge of the doggo in the picture. This dog was abandoned by its owner, and as result its condition was getting worst. And when the owners and employees of the Hyundai car showroom noticed it, they took pity on this dog and he was hired in this showroom. Now this showroom has become his home.

At a time when there are heartbreaking stories of owners abandoning their pets on the streets during the lockdown, it is indeed heartening to see more and more people taking care of the animals in their community.

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